Living my new normal

because he now says his name

  • I will be thinking of you all this week as you prep for your timed speech. You are all SO brave to get up there and talk so openly about Scott. I'm so glad that Colin is saying his name and you are all slowly putting those pieces as painful and jagged as they can be, back together.

    Keep on poppin',


  • Wishing you the best for your speech! That is so great all that you and your family do in honor of Scott.  It's also touching how Colin will now speak about his brother and in front of a huge group! Way to go!  

  • This is so beautiful.  It's so beautiful that C says Scott's name.  It's beautiful that you are sharing your story and your grief and your strength with the world in hopes of making it a better place, all in Scott's name.

    I love that Scott sent that rainbow to you and that C knew it was a gift from his brother.  Such a beautiful moment.


  • It's so amazing and wonderful that C feels so determined to give back and do more for his brother. I'm sure your speech will be wonderful!! Thank you for all that you do!

    Love and Hugs


  • So glad Share brought you into my life. Have enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you and your story. Good luck at your speech!

  • Thinking of you and hoping you gained strength to get through your speech.  You are so BRAVE to speak for your sweet Scott and we THANK YOU for speaking on behalf of MOD.  What a beautiful rainbow he sent for you all.  Much love, lots of hugs.