Living my new normal


  • I feel the same way each walk day ... proud to be doing as much as I can in memory of my sons, but sick that I have to be raising money in my sons' memory. It is, indeed, bittersweet.

    Hugs to you.


  • I feel the same way on walk day. I get really excited to fundraise, feel proud and strong for doing something in my son's memory and to honor my living preemies. On the morning of walk day, I brainstorm excuses to get out of participating in my head. Why? Probably because it's a reminder of the pain that I'm feeling all the time. It's that part of acceptance that I don't want to accept. It's such an emotional day. The kick-offs are the same. I can picture you clutching that plaque in your lap on the ride home. I wish things could be so different. I'm sorry that you had to create a Team Popcorn. It's such a cute nickname you picked out for Scott. Team Popcorn is doing so much good for so many others:)

    Keep on poppin',


  • That is so great your team was in the top five and got a plague.  That is inspiring that you are making such a difference in Scott's honor! I understand what you mean about it being bittersweet.