Living my new normal

busy...but good busy

  • Hi there, Nikki! It sounds like you are crazy busy with all of your activities. and it's hard to believe that M4B season is getting closer.

    It does sound like C has allergies. I react similarly when I go to my mom's house. she has a black lab, and despite my mom's best cleaning efforts, I have lingering effects for days in the forms of runny nose, itchy eyes and having to use my inhaler a lot more.

    I had allergy testing done as an adult, so not sure I can give much advice. My testing involved tiny pinpricks on my back, so perhaps it won't be as noticeable for him? Good luck!


  • I am SO glad to read that the schooling choice is working for you guys. I know it's a lot, but I'm sure you are seeing the benefits everyday:) Very exciting about speaking at the kick-off breakfast! Sharing about your precious Scott to a roomful of sponsors will be trying, but your reality will inspire many and do so much good. I hope all of the allergy testing goes well. Maybe call that office and see if they can tell you more about where they might be poking to give C more info. Is he the kind of kiddo where more info relaxes him or adds to the anxiety? It should put his mind at ease knowing you are undergoing it too.



  • So glad the home schooling is going good.  After this year we are really leaning to virtual schooling for Jadon next year.    Good luck on your kick off event.  We had a blast at ours last week.  I hooe you get some answers from the allergist and some Relief for C!  

    Cant wait to hear all about your upcoming event.

    Much Love