Living my new normal


  • My favorite quote is "what a caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly"  I e found myself often questioning my faith...  After losing Trinity, I questioned weather I prayed hard enough, often enough.     I took look at butterflies as though my sweet girl is visiting me.  seems like they show up at the perfect moments!  I hope Scott's "visit" through butterflies, made you heart smile a little!


  • I have noticed a lot of butterflies here in VA lately...I think how beautiful...I never took time to notice them before this summer...I like how you see butterflies as your son making a visit to, I love it!  It is so beautiful...when I see butterflies I will think of you...


  • Beautiful pictures!  Yes - lots of butterflies out right now, and they always make me smile and think of my Marco too.  It's certainly not crazy - just a way for us to see some beauty.  Glad that you had a nice outing to the park and that Scott surrounded you with beautiful butterflies :)



  • These pictures are gorgeous. I am so glad that Scott is sending you some reminders through one of the most delicate and beautiful creatures on this earth. Butterflies always seem to land on our dog. A big slobbery Golden Retriever names Pickles. Pickles was bought for our family as a Christmas gift not even a month after Arianna died in order to help us all heal. So although its odd that such a beautiful creature chooses to land in what is seemingly such a dangerous place it is really quite perfect. He always stands perfectly still as if he knows. I can't wait to meet you in DC and share in person our beautiful Angels.