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car decals

  • Those car stickers get to me too. I was actually wondering if they make ones with little angel wings or maybe a butterfly - who knows, they seem to make everything. I saw a license plate the other day that said some shortened version of "twins twice."  Of course I should be happy for these random strangers, but it felt more like a slap in the face. The marathon stickers you got sound adorable. I'd be the 0.0 one too!  


  • Yeah, I see those car stickers too. When I've thought about doing them on our own car, I've wondered if they also have some with wings or halos. That would really make some people stop and think as they scanned the car. MOD does have car magnets online or at a table at your next walk. I think they were around $5 maybe. I hear you though. Those decals can sting a bit especially on the bad days.



  • I have a MOD car magnet! They do sell them  online, if you want you can get extras and sell them as a fundraiser item for your MFB team. Just FYI. I have seen some websites that do make stickers for Angel babies. I personally don't like stickers on my car period but if your into that.

    I totally get it. It's hard to make the rest of the world realize what we go thru and what types of things trigger that emotional responses. The marathon sticker are funny. :) super cute!


  • I know its so hard when it seems everyones perfect familynis thrown in your face on a daily basis but ibtrybtobremind myself that had we not struggled with infertility and then lost skykar perhaps i could have beennone ofvthose people and to be honest as sensitivebas i want to be i also know thstbif ournivf works i will likely turn into one of those preg chicks posting about her blessing constantly on fb. Many hugs btw i have seen some of those decals that have stick figure angels

  • LOL---the running stickers are hilarious!!!  I need the 0:0 for myself!!

    I'm not a fan of the family stickers myself.  I'm hoping the fad will fade soon enough so that I can gripe about something else.  Yes, MOD does have window stickers.  They use to be printed by, but now sure if they still are.  


  • I HATE THOSE FAMILY STICKERS!  TO me its like those perfect pintrest who have the perfect life and the perfect children and blast it all over FB!     many many hugs to you dear friend , so glad Im not the only one who wants to scream when I see them!     *Samantha

  • I hate them too, seriously. So nice that you want to advertise your 'perfectness', but what about those of us who won't have that? I'm getting really tired of our society. I am glad you found some fun stickers to gift though.

    Erin P