Living my new normal

celebrity magazines

  • I get frustrated with seeing all of the news myself.  I especially don't enjoy seeing the flippant attitude that seems to be published for each headline.  I think that the world is so naive when it comes to certain things.

  • I get sick of seeing the news regarding child in general. There is rarely anything good to say. Like you I believe that I am a good mom and I too and out of the baby making game and it really wasn't by choice. Yes I chose it but it was for medical reasons just like you. Yet here you have so many people who can seem to just make a baby every 9 months like clock work and do unspeakable things to them. It's so hard to read. I prefer the candy isle and the temper tantrum. :0


  • Hugs!  It is definitely always tough seeing all the news.  I remember one of the celebrity moms having twins and parading them all over after I lost the girls, drove me insane and I still can't look at her!