Living my new normal

Christmas morning and friendships

  • The holidays can really test our strength and patience. I'm glad you came through it okay. It is so hard... Your friend's due date will be on your mind, but I love that she stopped to ask you about your feelings. She is thinking about you and treading cautiously. She doesn't want to hurt you, but she doesn't want to exclude you either. I'm glad that you are back into your routine.

    Happy New Year to you,


  • I agree, the holidays can be challenging. Even if we are having a truly great day, I always have thoughts creep into the back of my head that I should be watching another little boy open presents, make a big garbage mess, etc.. I wish it wasn't that way. Glad you were able to talk things out with your friend about her pregnancy. Wishing you peace as you go through the same timeframe of pregnancy with her.