Living my new normal


  • I can relate to that feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop. It's just an expression. I'm not comparing angels to shoes. I sometimes feel like I'm more vulnerable to unexpectedness. I do crave predictability at times and control. You've just made a huge decision. It's another thing that you probably weren't expecting to do. It's not unfolding the way you had imagined. It totally brings about anxiety. Trust that you know best and that you will deal with any hurdles if and as they come.

    If that's just not enough, keep in mind that tomorrow just happens to be National Vodka Day:)

    See you at the bar,


  • I completely understand this. I keep having these same moments while planning my wedding.  I had such anxiety on "buying the dress day" that I couldn't quite pin down, until I realized its just my regular panic in the background, the one that keeps me from being "too joyful or hopeful" lest it be stolen away by a freakishly rare occurrence. Love and hugs to you. Brandi