Living my new normal

conversations with children

  • I too love overhearing their conversations.  Such pure sweetness and acceptance.  If only more adults could hold onto that and let those conversations be as peaceful.

    Much love,


  • I love how, with out a second thought, he referred to Scott as his brother. <3

  • Or, rather, I mean acknowledged him as his brother.

  • I completely agree! Children are so sweet and innocent when inquiring about things like that. They just accept your answers and go on with their business, they don't stop and think about how it affects them or worry about the right words to say. I think its great how your son keeps his brother in mind as he goes about his day.

    Love and Hugs


  • I completely get what you mean. My son was stillborn on July 3, 2015 and ever since then (as I have slowly come back out of my hermit-ude). There are some things I realize are now my new "normal." I have to get used to what I call "the LOOK" when they congratulate me on the birth before they realize my son is dead. Then comes the dreaded look....and then it seems that all conversations die at that point. I realized that I may just have to get used to the fact that it is somewhat a conversation killer. However, I also realized that adults are going to react to how we (the parents who went through it) react. At some point if our AngelBabys are brought up in conversation and the conversation seems to disappear out of awkwardness then we (the experienced parents) then have the opportunity to pick the conversation back up to let the other adults know that although it was not a pleasant experience in our lives by ANY means, it is part of our story and this is how our family has coped and/or is coping with it. I have a 3 year old son and he says all the time that his baby brother, Liam is up in heaven with Jesus. Ah, to be the carefree age of 3. Life just seems so much simpler. I am so glad your oldest son was able to acknowledge his younger brother in that conversation. It is part of his story now too and he is keeping Scott's memory alive even when having a normal conversation with another child.  <3

  • I love how caring that C is toward Scott -- and that he answered without a second thought. It's heartwarming when Kaelin acknowledges her brothers as well. I wish adults could take the explanations we give the same manner in which kids do.


  • It would be so very helpful if adults just accepted things as easily as children do, sometimes. I love it when people remember my sons and just act normal if I talk about them instead of trying to offer platitudes or giving me "that look." I'm glad you had that moment with C and his friend where Scott fit perfectly into your afternoon.


  • I love that you overheard C talking about his brother! That warms my heart and reminds me so much of my little guy who will tell anyone and everyone about his brother in heaven, even correcting me at times with adults. I agree, it's refreshing talking to children and their simplicity versus the awkward silence that sometimes arises when talking to adults.