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Family drawing

  • D did this assignment with the same poster:) Got to love Oriental Trading! I think it's totally awesome that C includes S in his family pic! I know, it won't be what his audience is expecting him to tell. Life at this age is supposed to be carefree. I don't know about you, but I'm so tired of making other people feel comfortable with our loss. If other parents will be in attendance during presentation time, you're going to quickly be able to sort out the ones who are understanding. Any decent parent will quietly acknowledge how thoughtful it is to include angel siblings. Big hugs to you BOTH! I know this is another one of those moments . . . you will BOTH do great:)

    More hugs,


  • Awww, I absolutely love this drawing and how Colin made sure to include Scott in the family picture for everyone to see! Ethan is always informing others about Sean, I often wish I could be more open like him and not have that anxiety like you mention! We need to take a lesson from our kids! :)