Living my new normal

Father's Day

  • I think for the majority of loss parents Mother's Day and Father's Day become less of a holiday and more of a reminder of what is missing. I honestly can't imagine having to make the decision that you both had to make. I understand being angry with God. How can you not be angry, we are taught as children that if we pray for things hard enough they will come true, when I was in the hospital I don't think that I could have possibly prayed any harder yet she still died. So we are left asking ourselves, were we not good enough parents? All the while you hear news story after news story about children literally being thrown away into the trash and for whatever reason we weren't allowed to keep our children here with us. It is hard not to question God, hard not to be angry. You are not alone in your feelings.


  • Oh gosh, what a tough tough day for your husband, I'm sure that your heart was breaking having to make that decision for your sweet son.  We watched superman recently as well and I had tears in my eyes as his parents were saying goodbye to him too, something that no parent should ever have to do.  Many hugs to you and your family.