Living my new normal

Feel like I'm back in H.S.

  • It never really changes, does it?  You're going to find people who feel the need to compete or be bossy where ever you go.

    I absolutely don't blame you for wanting to cry out that you have another child too.  It's so hard when people make assumptions.

    I hope the meeting went well.

    Thinking of you.


  • One thing I've noticed about people is how self-absorbed we all are at times. I hate the one-up kind of thing you're talking about: I can only do this because blah. People only see the limitations, not the blessings. Especially when it comes to kids.

    I once had a colleague at school tell me I should be doing more after school stuff with students because I don't have kids. Like you, I held back because there's no way for her to understand that having your children dead is in many ways more difficult than having live ones to care for.

    Wishing you an idiot free week ... or at least one day!


  • This is so sad. Sad that these women can't look beyond themselves and look to helping reward the teacher for her hard work. Some people never leave HS.