Living my new normal

First day of Preschool

  • Yay!!! on the new puppy. I can't wait to see pictures. Also super Yay on your big boys first day of preschool. Maybe I'll get some courage and enroll Keira for the second semester. :) We can discuss this as an option at SU. Lol. I have been pseudo-homeschooling her for now because clearly I have issues. :) I hope that you can establish a good relationship with the new therapist as well. Sending you guys lots of hugs as C starts his first week of Pre School


  • I'm so glad C had a good first day of pre-school! I hope the new therapist is a good fit and I'm excited to hear about the new puppy!


  • Yay for big boys first day of school!  I'm glad dh took time off and was able to hang out with you!  Awsome for a new pulpy I'm sure he will be so excited!  Can't wait to see pics!

    Always love,