Living my new normal

further from my protective bubble he goes...

  • Letting our kids venture into the unknown is very nerve-wracking, and I can understand how you feel  not being able to accompany C on this field trip. I think being an angel mom amplifies the anxiety.

    I'm happy to hear that you connected with another mom who is so understanding. Many hugs to you.


  • I completely get this. Abbey started field trips with daycare/summer camp last summer, and that oddly enough didn't  bother me. What still does make me anxious is that now in 1st grade she rides the bus home. I was terrified the first day, and I cried when I watched her exit the bus and cross the street all on her own. I am probably the only mom who has called the bus depot at least 3 times when the bus was late....they started calling me first to warn me when the routes were doubled up and would cause a delay. Yep. I'm that parent, and proud of it! I'm happy you have a mom-friend who understands, it makes a world of difference