Living my new normal


  • It's bittersweet that Share is here.  On the one hand I'm so grateful, on the other so sorry any of had to find it- yet we have and what an amazingly strong community we make together!

    What a sweetie pie you have on your hands!  Children I think are the wisest of us all- how very sweet of him to think of his brother Scott and give such a meaningful gift.


  • Aw, I love that C made you a rainbow from Scott.  That is so beautiful!  

    I am also so thankful for Share. I hate that any of us have to be without our angels, but I find some peace in knowing we are not alone, that our feelings are normal, that others understand.

    Thinking of you,


  • Aww...what a sweet gift!!!  So precious when their little minds express their love for their siblings in Heaven.

    We're glad that you found Share as well.  As Lauren said, it's bittersweet that you've found Share.  We'd love that moms and dads would never "need" Share Your Story, but know that it's a great thing that we have one another.  I'll be honest with you....these girls on the site are some of my closest and dearest friends.  I hope that you'll get to join us at Shareunion in September.  It's so much fun to get to learn more about MOD as well as one another.



  • We are also that you found us. Although the bittersweet part is oh so true. I too hope you can join us in September. I waited almost 4 years to attend my first Share Union and when I went for the first time last year I can honestly say it was a life changing experience and I'll never miss another. I left that weekend feeling more whole after just those 3 days than I had in four years. It is such an amazing experience. Plus I can't wait to meet you in person.

    I love that C made a rainbow and you have it hanging by your bed. I have my girls art work all over my house. There will be time for perfect walls when I am old. Until then their "art work" covers a good portion of the house. Alexia even chose my bedroom ceiling for one very special piece so we could see it as we fell asleep at night. Not an easy task with 14 ft. ceilings but daddy got it up there for her. Our angels give us such precious gifts once they leave us sometimes. The ability to breathe in the little joys.

    Hugs to you