Living my new normal

Had to share about share

  • So glad to hear that you got to spread a little Share love! Share has been a really therapeutic place for me and I honestly think I wouldn't feel the way I do today about my daughter if it wasn't for them. Glad it has helped you as well. I think about what I want to be when I grow up all the time. I have a perfectly good career yet I am not able to "do" my job the same way I was before. I find myself getting to emotionally involved with the my patients and not being able to leave work at work like I used to be able to. It's the main reason I went to PRN (I work "as needed, usually 1-3 times per month). I hope that whatever your new calling is, it makes you happy. :)

    I will be keeping my fingers crossed that your mom makes her goal.


  • So awesome you were able to speak for MOD &Share!!!! So wonderful you are wanting to take helping people to the next level. Wishing you all the happiness & success as you journey down this road. You are going to do great things for people lady!!!! Hugs, Naul's mom

  • Nicki,

    That's wonderful that you were able to talk a bit about Share and the wonderful community that it is.  I'm sure that the MOD staff there appreciated it.

    Also great that it has inspired you to answer that question that I too have been trying to figure out (what to be when we grow up)!  

    AND great to hear that your mom is doing so well!!