Living my new normal

Here we go...

  • I know how you've had this on your mind for some time now. I so get it! It is a big decision, but now that you've made it, you're already sounding more at ease:) Let me say . . . it's AWESOME! You are going to love making your own schedule, the flexibility, and really knowing what/how your kiddo is learning. He's going to see other kiddos out and about during the day and there are home school groups who meet up and organize activities. There are home school groups at Barnes and Noble and a bunch of other places. He's going to be in Scouts, so he's going to have that social outlet with same-aged peers. You're both going to love it! It's funny because when we decided to add D to our at-home learning situation a few years ago, he said, "Okay, but when do we have recess?" I told him we can take as many breaks as we need:)

    Sending huge hugs,


  • I am so excited for you!  I know this is scary but it sounds like it's also liberating and something that will be good for all of you.  

    You know your kid best.  You know what he needs to succeed.  You got this.  :-)


  • How exciting! That's awesome!

    I can't wait to see how he blossoms!

  • Sound like you are on the right track to make his homeschooling journey a success!  I cant wait to hear how well he does.