Living my new normal

How MY Family Navigates The Holidays

  • Much love and hugs to you dear friend!  


  • I love everything about this post.  The honesty, the pain you admit to having, the calm you're starting to feel, the joy that exists right along with the pain.  I love that you're incorporating Scott into your celebrations AND you're allowing yourself to miss him, to grieve for him still because you'll always miss him and always feel his absence.  But to ignore that is to make things so much harder.

    You are doing amazing things for C.  He's learning strength and love for you, the best things we can teach our kids.

    So much love to you,


  • I love the idea of C picking out a gift for his brother that gets donated to a child who otherwise wouldn't have presents. Its a great way to take the love you have for Scott and share it with another child who is here. I think I might steal this idea :)

    Love and Hugs


  • This is all so true, love the advice. Last year was when we also were ready to celebrate Christmas and Sean's angelversary more so than any previous year. it took us three years to get that point as well. I love how you bought C a big brother ornament. We always buy our boys special ornaments and that would be a great way to include our angel in the celebrations.