Living my new normal

I did okay...

  • Such a wonderful gift that Colin presented to you on his last day of preschool! I love these treasures that hold so much meaning. I am glad that you are filling those empty nails again. Huge steps! How very cool that the school had a little gathering for incoming Kinders already! That's really nice for all of the kids (and parents too) and so needed. I will be thinking of you as this time of year is just filled with so many memories. I LOVE the Ghostbusters themed party and adore that everyone is dressing up!


  • I can understand what you are saying about being in that category of a parent w/ only one living child - though the other parents don't know why you only have the one - that is what they see on the outside.  It's all so complicated.  Which is why I'm so thankful for Share :)  

    I will be keeping you in my thoughts as you navigate the next couple of months, as I am sure it will be a very difficult time



  • So glad C has such a great birthday. Love the Ghostbusters theme. :) If his kindergarten class is anything like Alexia's you'll be busy party planning most of the year. I swear thats all they do. lol. Can't wait to see how he likes it next year.

    As for the month of June I can relate. My "storm" starts the day before Halloween and doesn't end until November 6th. It's exhausting yet I cherish it every year. I can remember every single detail of my life from the moment I was admitted to the hospital until the day I was discharged. The food I ate the clothes I wore etc. I think it's our minds way of reassuring us that our babies lived.

    Sending you lots of hugs and please know that I am always here.