Living my new normal

I forgot

  • I am so sorry that hit you so hard. Try not to be so hard on yourself. I would just take your favorite picture of Scott down & have a copy made of it at walgreens or cvs when you get down there. That will surely be a nice surprise to give your mil. Sending you big hugs. Some times we have so much in our heads that big things can slip our minds but your precious Scott is never far from your mind nor your heart I know.      Hug's Naul's mom

  • Giant hugs! I completely understand how you feel.  If you have any digital images of him you can print it out at home and frame it.  Or take one that you have at home like Naul's mom said, and get it copied at CVS or Walmart.  As long as you carry him in your heart he is always present, always near.  


  • I'm so sorry Nikki. This has happened to me before also and the guilt that comes is my worst enemy. Thinking of you and hoping for a short uneventful "visit".



  • I'm sorry, Nikki. What a nice idea for you do assemble for your MIL's room. Please don't beat yourself about forgetting Scott. Like the others said -- you could grab something quick from your frames and have it copied locally to make it easy on yourself. Hugs to you.


  • Hugs to you. Your post brought tears to my eyes. Please try not to be too hard on yourself. Your precious baby know you love him and if everyone else around you forget, you never will. I know you will make sure your baby is added to the collage because nothing can stop a Mom on a mission.

    Take care,


  • Whatever feels right to you is what you should do - and I think it would be lovely to add a picture of Scott to the collage.  I know it's easier said than done - but try not to beat yourself up over not including him originally.  All that matters now is that you've decided to add him, and I know you'll find a way to do it! :)