Living my new normal

I have a secret

  • Nicki -

    It's great that you are journaling to process some of your thoughts and feelings.  It can be so therapeutic to just get it out on paper.  

    It's a tough one, being asked the "how many kids do you have question".  It's another zing along the road of loss that we travel.  And a constant one at that when you're in your childbearing years.  

    Hugs to you,


  • Thank you for sharing this journal entry and putting it in your blog. It's what so many of us feel. It is so painful and unfortunately, it will be that forever unintentional hurtful question. Medical history forms too, urgh. Wishing you strength to hold back when needing to protect your heart and hoping for more social understanding as we travel this journey.

    Team Popcorn, YOU are amazing!



  • Thank you so much for sharing this with us.   I get this!  Many many hugs to you dear friend.  


  • Nicki, thank you for sharing. I'm glad that you have this outlet.

    I hate answering the "how many kids" do you have. And I feel the stab in my heart when I answer "just two." Because really, that answer should be "four."

    Hugs and love to you.


  • Nikki,

    This is such a touching post. I hate how true it is but I also love how candid and honest it is. People who have not been forced into this journey simply do not understand our need for these kinds of "secrets". As always I send many many hugs.


  • Thank you for letting us see the part of you that does mourn. It is good to let out those things we lock up because we are afraid other's can't handle it or whatever the feeling we think people have if we bring up that "angel baby".

     Scott is a blessing. And that stupid "how many kids?" question is the worst! It is like rubbing salt in the wound and as crappy as it is....I think it will always be like that. I cried....literally cried reading this. Because so many of us have "a secret" and its hard to find out how to navigate through it.

      This was so beautiful and so....there just isn't a word for how lovely this was. You are in my heart and prayers. I think of you often.