Living my new normal

If only they knew

  • I'm not on FB, but I hear you:) I hear it on the news or it's somehow implied in commercials. One must be so sick of their kids, etc. If you're a teacher and/or married to one, you are not wishing for school to start again. Let's face it, if you're a teacher, you never had a summer because you were teaching summer school or working your second or third job. Aaaah! I get it though. There would be so many more wonderful things going on in our lives if they were still physically here. My timeline just started and it's hitting hard again.

    Sending extra hugs and strength to you this week,


  • Every year when I take Abbey's picture I think of how there should be two of them instead of just one. Every year when the sisters at our dance studio perform a duet together, I think about how mine will never have that chance.

    I also don't get the marketing/references to this because most people have jobs nowadays and I really don't get how their kids aren't in summer programs or camp or something so they can go to work...for me the end of summer just means dropping off at a different building...

    Love and Hugs to you!


  • I understand.  I find it helpful to check out of social media during certain times to avoid certain triggers like the back to school posts.