Living my new normal

in a pity party mood tonight

  • Nicki,

    First of all - so very sorry to hear that Colin has the flu!!!  I was talking with an ER doctor that I know recently, and he said it's been really bad the last few weeks.  It must be so hard to see Colin so sick, and also knowing that he's missing out on some fun play dates that you had scheduled for him :(  I hope that he is able to kick it quickly and that you and your husband are spared.

    It's ok to be feeling bummed right now.  Be gentle and patient with yourself and know that it's ok to feel the way you do.  I know that "angel" is a commonly used term of endearment, that I probably would have used too, had I not been in the shoes I am now...I have been tempted to call Lucia "angel" a time or two, just again, because it almost just comes out naturally as a term of endearment, but I can't and so I stop myself.

    Sending some peace your way.



  • Urgh, I am sorry to hear that C got the flu! It's going around I hear. I hope he feels better soon and that if one of his parents happens to get it too, there's some yummy hot soup coming one's way. "Angel" is weird for me as well. I don't use it and when I do hear it out in public, I try not to react too much. Now, I do hear that as a name en espanol a lot being that I live in the Southwest:)



  • Oh my, seeing that would probably stop me in my tracks, hugs mama!

    Oh no, poor C!  I hope he feels better soon and it skips over you two!  Total bummer that you have to skip out on the playdates, I've had to do that so much recently and ugh.


  • I have that problem with calling living children angels, too. It's funny, well curious, that while I was trying to concieve I was at a scrapbooking party and someone was making a page with the title "My Little Angel" for their baby and my friend's mom said it was bad luck to say that bc it implied death. I hadn't heard that before and now I wish I didn't have to hear it forever more. Even after five years, my mood can change on a dime. It sucks, but it's just how it is. Try to be gentle with yourself.

    I hope that both you and hubby are wrong and no one else gets the flu. Wishing C a speedy recovery.


  • Poor Colin! I hope he feels better soon.


  • I'm sorry to hear Colin had the flu, being on lock down is no fun, I have twin boys in the nicu they're 5 weeks old today, over Christmas my husband and I both had the flu and had to be on lock down from seeing them at the nicu. It was their first Christmas and I couldn't be with my babies, it broke my heart and I felt so guilty. I think it's okay for us mommies to have a little pitty party now and then! We're here for support! I hope you're all doing well and 2015 brings you health and happiness!