Living my new normal

It's suppose to be the most wonderful time of the year...

  • How adorable is he??!!!!!!!!!!  I love the pic of him and the dog.  Getting my dog to look anywhere near the camera is next to impossible....he's a spazzoid!!  He's going to get all the girls in the future with those dressing skills.  LOL!!

    Sorry about the in-laws causing so much drama.  Sounds like they're a bit self centered and need to recheck what's really important to them in life.  I hope your hubby can blow it off and enjoy the rest of the holidays.

    Thanks for sharing the pics!!    Happy peanut butter making!!



  • the pic of the dog was a very lucky shot.  I will have to post the one that we were trying to get of me, the 4 year old and the dog....trying to get one to smile and the other to look at the camera just wasn't happening!

  • I am so glad that you posted the Nutcracker pictures. I was looking forward to them. :) Absolutely adorable!! Hope the peanut making goes as planned. Sorry your MIL almost ruined your Santa present. Some people are just more interested in one upping others than doing what is best for the kids.

    Love the photos! Hope C gets his hostage held garbage truck soon. Also hope maybe the in laws remain drama free in the new year.