Living my new normal

It's that time of year

  • Everything that you do to honor Scott is so amazing! It inspires me to do more for Sean.  Wishing you a great March for Babies, that is great that you will be speaking at the event and sharing your story with everyone! I also think its's great that you shared your story on Facebook.  I always fear about the same thing about sharing my story, that not many people will want to hear it.  I am glad you had such a great response from it!

  • I'm not on FB, so I'm curious to know how your walk went this past weekend. I have to say, that it was super strange weather everywhere. We went from 108 F down to 77 F overnight?! I hope you got some great pics too:) I hope Team Popcorn had a nice day getting out there to walk and honor your Scott. Good to read that your sharing on FB was a good decision and that you received a warm response. I know this next month is also a very hard one for you with all of your guys' birthdays.  Low key sounds like a nice plan. You do what you need to do and what feels right for you.

    Sending love and hugs,