Living my new normal

June is approaching and my new space

  • Hooray for your mom's one year anniversary! I'm so glad that you don't have that to worry about any more. The quilting space sounds nice. I initially had trouble being in the room we had set up for the twins. It took a long time to be in there without thinking of it as their room. I'm so happy that it's a peaceful place for you.

    I totally understand about wanting to be distracted on the 19th. It seems as though C's teachers would welcome a helper at that point in the year. I'm sorry that you can't be with your friends, though. Whatever you do, remember that even if we can't be with you physically, your Share sisters are with you in spirit.


  • The time leading up to an anniversary can be so difficult.  Sometimes harder than the actual day itself.  How frustrating that school is now due to let out on 6/19.  It sounds like you're doing a good job of thinking of what will help you the most through these next 3 months, and focusing on planning ahead.  

    I love that you added a corner for quilting in Scott's room.  What a lovely idea.  

    Glad to hear that Team Popcorn is doing well this year - and congratulations on your mom's 1 yr transplant anniversary!  Hope she is doing well.



  • Sorry to hear that your anniversary is coming up. I always try to keep myself busy during those times too. I'm sure the teachers would welcome any help with end of the year activities! What a nice way to convert his room, sounds like a nice, calming, family room!