Living my new normal

just trying to get my emotions in check

  • Yikes! So glad that he is doing okay now! I can only imagine how hard that was for you. I have been through several ear tube surgeries and the adenoid removal but not yet the dreaded tonsils. The worst flashback I had was when they put her out in my arms and she went completely limp and still. All I could see was Abbeys face and for a moment she looked exactly like Josie. I actually got light headed from the shock.

    Glad you have an awesome hubby who helps to put your mind at ease no matter what!

    Love and Hugs


  • Glad to hear Colin is home after a rough few days. My brother went through the entire bleeding and having to be cauterized scenario after he had his tonsils out. It was not a pleasant experience to witness. And I wasn't his mom.

    And I'm so glad that Mike was able to go and get Scott's tree secured. I'm sure that brought you a great deal of peace.

    I hope it's all quite at your house through the holidays. You've had a rough month thus far.

    Merry Hugs!


  • I'm glad to hear that you both pulled through, but hoping C doesn't have to go back. That just sounds unpleasant. I'm so glad he had some amazing nurses that helped him feel VIP and took good care of him. Your hubby is awesome for going in making sure that Scott's tree was safe. Love that!

    You are all in my thoughts,


  • Holy cow!  I would've been hanging on the same cliff!!  Surgery makes me nervous matter how "common" it is.  It's not common on my kid!  Anyway, I'm glad that things have calmed down with the surgery and that stir crazy is all you're dealing with now.  I'm with you on the tree situation too.  Praise the Lord for hubbies that understand no matter how little it is.