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Kindergarten registration

  • I know what you mean about registration being emotional.  I know Ansley was ready for school, but when you're required to bring a birth certificate and I had to look at both girls' certificates to get the right one to take with me and put the other broke my heart!!!  I just remember that day being so difficult.  Another "first" that I didn't see coming.



  • I can certainly see how registering C for kindergarten would have been emotional.  One thing that is so difficult about being a baby loss mama, is having to hear those types of comments regularly.  What one parent might think is a funny/harmless/maybe even helpful comment, turns out to be one that causes pain to another parent.  And we never know when they're coming.  Their like little land mines that hit us.  

    Hope that the conference goes well!



  • Many many hugs momma!  I cried like a baby and every year Jadon completes a year I cry then cry when he starts the next year.  Heck I cried the day I walked Jadon in and knew that it *should have* been the year I walked Trinity in.  Someone told me that day as we were all carrying in supplies, at least you only have one (this was before the though of Jaxson crossed our minds)  I looked at the man in the face and said "no what I wouldn't give to be walking in two sets of supplies like I am *supposed to be doing,  I *should be* walking in two this year and I'm not.  I should have a daughter starting Kindergarten this year"  He apologized.    Think some people just do not realize how blessed they are and they take these milestones for granted!  Ignorance if bliss they say....  



  • Oh I'm so sorry about the comments people make, people really don't know that some of us don't live out "typical" child and sibling scenarios.

    My brain also goes into space cadet mode sometimes in public to protect myself.  Anything having to do with school paperwork is hard for me, as it does make me think of the "might have beens."

    And good for you, for making the choice about C starting Kindergarten, don't worry about what his PreK teacher says tomorrow!

    Huge hugs,


  • Glad registration went well. I think that feeling of feeling cheated because of the things you will never do with a child that has passed will always be there nlo matter how much time passes.

  • I am dreading registering Keira for Kindergarten. You are right it is just something that some parents don't understand and I pray they never do. I hope the conference goes well and she just smiles and nods and tells you how wonderful C is doing. Sending you lots of hugs as you near this dreaded day.