Living my new normal

Mardi Gras party

  • It's amazing how happy events can be such big triggers. I know from experience the anxiety gets so much better in time. Many hugs.


  • There are firsts that we anticipate and are very aware of...first holiday, first anniversary, etc....but then there are all the other more ordinary firsts that we don't even really think of - they sneak up on us.

    Love that picture of C :)

  • Even after four years I'm afraid to be happy sometimes. As soon as I start to feel at peace, I wonder when it will all come crashing down. You're so right that these feelings are part of the new normal.


  • I know how this feels, there are these moments in time that really just knock you down. Moments that we don't even see coming. I am glad that C had a good time at the party. He looks absolutely adorable as usual. Lots of luck with C's party planning.