Living my new normal

Me too

  • Urgh, yeah. Those moments when you overhear someone else's life and you want to scream ME TOO! That must have been so hard! I hope C came out beaming after an awesome music class and had yourself a piece of chocolate when you got home. I remember you sharing that you had S' s ultrasound on Valentine's. I hope that is still a very happy moment for you, a day filled with so much extra love.



  • I get it! I think that after I had Josie, and she was gone,  I couldn't stand to see pregnant women or small babies in strollers. And when others gushed about them or went on and on about due dates/gender/hair color/ eye color/ possibilities of colic I just wanted to scream at them! I wanted to say it doesn't matter as long as they are healthy!! What is wrong with you that you are critiquing a healthy life that you know will live! AHHH.  My thoughts are with you. Trust me. I get it.


  • Oh Nicki,

    I know that must have been a very difficult moment to watch that pregnant woman interact with the receptionist. So so hard.  

    That is very special that you had that appointment on Valentine's Day.  What a special day that must have been for the two of you.



  • I often feel the same way when I hear about someone's pregnancy. It's hard for me sometimes, especially when they are around the same gestational period I was when I lost Sean. I just bite my tongue and try to shake off that chip off my shoulder though it can be really really hard!