Living my new normal


  • Girl.....keep those memories coming!  Sometimes even the ones that make you cry are so sweet.  In three weeks, it will be 10 years.  As I went for a drs. appt. in the screening center at the hospital that my girls were born in, I remembered the scent that I associate with my girls....the soap that I washed up with for so long. missed and so loved every single day!



  • Here lately I too have been flooded with all sorts of memories from my loss of my son. Though our stories are different I completely feel your pain. But like Tracy said keep them coming. In the mist of the heavy ache they bring & breath crushing blows I find myself thankful that I still can remember them. Because as sad as it sounds those memories right now are all we have next to the support we are lucky to have & or find in others that share the same feelings in a precious child gone far too soon. Be gentle with yourself.

    Hugs Naul's mom

  • Each year I tell my husband how strange it is that I can literally relive an entire week of my live. Every waking moment down to the smells. I know that it will be like this for the rest of my life. Half the time I can't remember what I had for breakfast but come the end of October every year the flashbacks come. They can drop you to your knees.

    I think that Tracy is right though. We do need to hold onto them because they really are all that we have. They are bittersweet. Painful yet comforting, as fleeting as they are, they are proof that our little ones were with us, even if it was for a very short period of time. Hugs to you this week.