Living my new normal

mom guilt has returned

  • Awe! Bigs hugs! I hope he makes bunches of new friends and he can always keep in touch with the old friends.  


  • It does make it a bit easier when there's at least one person you know in class. Well, this way he'll definitely get to make some new buddies and maybe one lives near your area. You never know:) I've had similar thoughts like we should move to a neighborhood with more kids (and better schools) as we also live sandwiched in between retirees. I hear you though and I just hope he likes his teacher and has a great school year:)



  • I too, hate the mom guilt! But when it happens I turn to my friends or Share, and am reassured that we all have it and it usually just means we care a lot and are doing our best. I felt that way too when I got the class list and Abbey's two best friends from 1st grade are not in her 2nd grade class, we don't live in a "walking neighborhood" nor does it have kids nearby for her to play with, and of course, no siblings at home.  I get it. But, I am sure that Abbey and Colin will make new friends and we will have them over to play sooner than later.

    Love and Hugs