Living my new normal

moving forward

  • I have no words but many hugs :)

  • It sounds like such a special gift and I hope that it helps you along this journey.



  • Oooooh I hope it comes before ShareUnion!  You'll see lots of "Thumbies" there.  :)  I hope it brings you as much peace as it has me.  So kind that your dad was able to order it for you and that your grandma wears one.

    I think the inscription is beautiful- and the ring- so special.

    Much love,


  • Nicki -

    Sounds like a lovely pendant.  I can imagine it would be stressful to think of what to have inscribed on it - but you will come up with what is right for you, and it sounds like you already have.



  • I am glad you decided to go ahead with one! That is a great thing they do for you. Blessed thoughts for you and sending hugs!