Living my new normal

my little butterfly

  • I am so glad to hear that your mom was able to get a liver. That's great news. I hope that her recovery is quick and easy. It's so sweet that your family was thinking of Scott, although I too may be a but cynical still in the God department. I do believe that Scott was watching over all of you.



  • Ohh wow!  Crazy you are already on the other side of a liver transplant!  just wow!  I hope you mom does well and I am glad she found comfort in knowing Scott was right there with her!  Sending you hugs and I do hope you all get the break you so desperately deserve!  

    All my love


  • How touching that your parents shared with you their experiences with Scott this week.  I know that must mean so much to you.

    SO glad to hear that your mom got the liver and that she is doing well!!  Good thoughts and vibes that she continues to improve!