Living my new normal

My son's birth defect

  • Sweet Momma, I can't even begin to imagine your pain.  The whys, what ifs have got to be unbearable at times.  But your story is important, not only for your healing but for those moms that come to Share feeling they don't have a place to belong.  Thank you from moms you will never meet or even know that you touched.  Thank you for your courage and bravery.  I'm sorry doesn't make things better, so I will leave you with I care and thank you!  

  • Sending you lots of hugs Nikki. Telling your story is important because not every child with a birth defect gets to go home, and the other moms like you need to know that they are not alone. That the picture that is painted of courage and strength is not the only representation of birth defects. Sometimes the picture is ugly and full of pain and grief. That picture needs to be painted too, so that one day maybe we can find the answer to  "why him".