Living my new normal

names on forms

  • I do totally get this. I have my 2008 tax return saved to my desktop because I like to remind myself that I'm not crazy and my daughter really did exist. It broke my heart when they refused to issue her a social security number because her birth certificate said deceased next to her name. Seeing Scott's name on paper is more important than many people will ever understand, I get it.



  • I get it too. Josie's SSN card is in her memory box; her birth certificate is in her scrap book. I look at it every time and stare at her name, helps me remember she was here and I was her mom.

    Love and Hugs


  • I get this.  Its huge when our children that are gone are acknowledged. HUGS!  


  • I have spent many years doing the same thing!  In fact, for several years after the girls were born, we would still get an insurance card for Taylor.  I suppose they were thinking that we might need it for claims that were still coming in for her care, but seriously--  Scott is definitely part of your family forever and ever and seeing that name where is belongs makes a momma smile!!



  • I agree! I love ANY form of acknowledgement about Sean! Thinking of you!