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nationwide ad

  • I'm sorry about that ad. I'm sending your husband a lot of healing thoughts. Maybe he just needs time to cool off. Sending you a lot of love.

  • You husband and I would get along great as I was very angry at the ad myself.  I know Others do not agree but I think there is a time and place and that, that was not it.  I also agree they didn't just do this as a PSA  you do not spend 4.5 million to air a commercial in hopes of not getting something in return.  To me they used parents worst fear as a way to hell their services!  


  • This commercial really upset me too. I had to shove it down though because it really upset Hunter even more.  This poor child already knows too much about death and we start watching this seemingly sweet commercial and when the kid said he died he just lost it.  I thought it was totally inappropriate for the Super Bowl and I don't even understand how it relates to what Nationwide is selling.  That's my rant about it. I'm sorry your husband is struggling with it. Good for him for giving them a piece of his mind.



  • I was furious. I have Nationwide homeowner's insurance, and I have seriously thought about switching because the insensitivity of that ad still rankles. Let him rant for as long as it takes. We've all done it at some time or another. I wish you both peace over this affront to the reality we live with. As if we need the reminder.