Living my new normal

Not the worst day ever

  • (((((hugs)))))) You're right... put in perspective... it's not the worst day. But, it stinks all of that had to happen at all... especially in one day. Too bad C was sick and chaos was ensuing when we were in your neck of the woods. We'll see you soon though.


  • I am giggling at the hazmat suit:) I am sorry though that C is sick. Some might say that a kid really builds up their immune system, but still, it's super hard when your child isn't well. Car repairs are no fun either. It sucks to funnel money that route when it could go to so many other things. I'm the one who freaks out too. I bet you and your hubby balance each other out well. It's not the worst thing that could happen, you're right. I am so sorry that you know what that day looks like.

    Sending you more hugs,


  • It's great to be able to put things into perspective, but it would be so very wonderful if we could think these normal things were the worst ever. I got strep so often as a child. It really stinks that Colin is sick again. It's a nasty bug, and the antibiotics can be rough, too. I really hope he feels better soon.