Living my new normal

oct 15

  • I totally agree and congratulations on 9 years of marriage!!!  I think we all have to walk our journey the way that's best for us, and for you....this is the best way to remember the love in your own remembering how that love began!!  Enjoy your anniversary!



  • Many hugs to you Congrats on your anniversary!  This is your story, you tell it and live it like you choose.  I think although your fairy tale may have been altered does not take the love away that you all shared on that day.  You all are stronger now.  

    Enjoy your day!


  • Yes, the Disney fairy tales are....nothing like real life fairy tales, that's for sure!  It is nice to have Oct. 15th as an "official" day of remembrance for our little ones that have died - but really, we remember and honor them every day.  

    I hope that you and your husband have a lovely anniversary.  I know Scott will be in both your hearts in a special way, as he always is.