Living my new normal

only 3?

  • I hate when that happens too. I know people mean no harm in asking those questions but they are unexpected triggers that hurt our hearts, especially this time of year when there are so many "should be" moments.



  • Ohh I hate that stuff.  I hate when people look at me with the boys and say things like "gonna try for a girl?"  Stab in the heart!  Hugs!!!  

    Much Love,


  • Urgh, I loathe those moments. Those comments seem innocent enough, but they are intrusive and hurtful. I wish people could say "cute snowmen" or "these look fun." Just ring me up! Hugs as I know it's so hard. I've heard similar. Mine are the same size right now and I've been getting a lot of twin comments this past year from strangers and if I was going to try for more. Good grief...

    Sending you a virtual hot toddy,


  • Sending lots of love momma.