Living my new normal

Our chat wasn't so bad

  • I'm so glad that the talk went well. I know it's been on your mind for a while.  You handled it wonderfully. You don't know it but I'm taking parenting notes from you.  

    Much love,


  • I'm so glad you both came out of the conversation at peace.  What a connection he and Scott have.



  • Sounds like the conversation went really well! Great job! I bet this same conversation will soon need to take place in my house with my newly turned 6 year old as well!

  • I'm glad the talk went well. I'm glad C was able to process it and move on.  Love that he associated the Rainbow to Scott the next day.    I still remember all these years later when Jadon first started asking question and we had to have the chat.  Now that he is eleven he talks about his sister openly and he seems to be proud of her.   Hugs and Love Always,


  • Having a child in heaven can be so tough on the one's that are here with us.  They don't fully understand what we feel and they don't understand the anxiety that comes with the fear of loosing them too.   I am so glad the talk went well and that C is able to talk about Scott in such a special way.  Each climb to the top of the mountain brings with it a beautiful view of the other side.   Enjoy the view!