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our ER visit

  • I am happy to hear that Colin is feeling better and the IV fluids did the trick. I'm so sorry you had to go through all that though. We had to do that with D when he was really young. He picked up something nasty from daycare, was vomiting, and couldn't keep anything down. It was scary! The triggers of a hospital too . . . I feel for you as I know that was very difficult. I wish these doctors would watch their words and keep in mind the age of the patient. Grrr!

    Sending love and hearts your way,


  • I am so sorry you and Colin had to go through that!  What a relief that he just needed fluids!  I'm laughing at the visual of him and two nurses singing My Sharona.  Too cute.

    I hope that hospital has some sort of survey you could do in order to let them know how much the doctor who saw Colin lacks in bed side manner.  So frustrating to have someone who doesn't seem to care.

    Much love to you,


  • So sorry to hear that Colin was so sick!  Lucia actually had the same thing just over a month ago.  I also took her to the ER because of it - yuck.  

    Anyway - yes - totally understand how it's more traumatic having a sick kiddo and going to the hospital after having lost a child.  So sorry that the doctor who saw him had a poor bedside manner and worried you more than necessary.  

    Sending healthy thoughts your way for the rest of the winter!