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Our first MOD speaking engagement

  • Nicki - what a beautiful way to honor Scott. I know it must be hard to share your story in front of such a big group, but I am sure you touched many people there (as you do here all the time).  I love that Colin spoke too!

    Sending hugs,


  • It makes me smile to think of Collin taking the stage.  He has such a love for his brother.  Im glad you all are finding a way to honor Scott and Share your story to help others.  Sometimes it is not easy and it is always forth it to know that you are spreading awareness!


  • You guys are awesome for getting out there and sharing your story and your Scott. Love that each of you spoke and Colin too. What a sweetheart and grooming for a future career, a true leader! It takes a lot of strength to get out there and do that. It's helping so many families and the community to understand the need and all of the good work that MOD does. Way to go Team Popcorn!



  • How awesome that you are at a place to start sharing your story. Sharing to me from the beginning has been the best therapy. And such a great way to connect with others in similar situations. I have to ask about Team Popcorn?

  • I love that your entire family is sharing Scott's story. When we served as the Pittsburgh Ambassador Family a few years ago, I was very hesitant at first sharing with so many people. But then I realized that not only am I honoring my sons, but I am also creating broad awareness that positive outcomes don't always accompany pregnancy. I know all of you spoke with such love, and people will remember Scott's story for many, many years to come.


  • What a powerful and beautiful way to share Scott's story. Thank you for sharing Scott's story with all of us and for now sharing it with the public in support of the March of Dimes mission. I have no doubt that he is proud of you and Mike and especially his big brother Colin.



  • Wow! That is so incredibly great how you are honoring Scott and helping others! That is also awesome that Colin went up and shared the story as well!