Living my new normal

out of the blue crying

  • Lots of hugs, prayers and kind thoughts. Let those tears fall as often as they need too.

    Love ya,


  • Ooooh so jealous of your trip to Disney!  We loved our trip there and can't wait to go back!  So sweet of that performer to include that boy!  It's the things that take us off guard that are the hardest.  I think often times we don't cry at the big days anymore because we go into them prepared for them to be hard.  We're ready for it.  But when things like this catch us out of the blue, we're not prepared and ready to deal with the onslaught of emotions so bring on the tears.  Hollywood glasses are an awesome tool for a grieving mama, hugs!


  • How wonderful that he was included so nicely. Very heart warming, and I could definitely see how that could trigger lots of emotions.  And yes, it's good to just roll with it! Sunglasses definitely come in handy for that! I randomly had a meltdown when we took Lucia to Disney on Ice this was the beginning of the show and I was watching her face, and was overcome with emotion...I think it was just extreme gratefulness that I have this child to do this with. Anyway...sometimes the emotions just take over!

    So glad you guys got to go to Disney...I bet it was magical!



  • I had several emotional moments at Disney when we were there over the summer. The staff there is incredible and very inclusive of all the children and even adults. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit.



  • Hugs Nicole.  I think it is often those random but completely meaningful moments that bring the most emotion.