Living my new normal


  • Nikki, I love this post. In fact you just made me cry!I am so happy that you have found a way to serve yourself by serving others. I was raised in an odd hybrid of religions, and most church services had me going away feeling very guilty, or that I was a farce because my heart wasn't always in it. I have come to the conclusion that serving others is quite possibly the most God like thing we can do, as we were supposedly created to love one another. Thank you for all you are doing and for reminding me.

    Love and Hugs


  • I think that it is great that you've found a great match with giving to others as well as getting back what you need. I have felt that  need a lot this year. It is so hard to get just the right balance, but it sounds like you are finding it. They are so lucky to have you and your help. Food for kids is a great cause too. I taught in a low income school and it is just heart breaking to imagine those sweet kids being hungry. Thank you for taking care of other people's kids. They truly need you.


  • That is great that you have met a new minister that has helped you work through some issues you were having. It's also great all the volunteer work you are doing! I was reading your post and found out that I am similar with you in that I also thought I was going to help out with my son's PTA at school but then decided it wasn't a good fit and now help out in the school library! Regardless of where you are helping, you are making a great difference!