Living my new normal


  • Those moments . . . so difficult. In a way, neat that your brother kept that one particular onesie. It was sentimental to him as well:) I'm sorry for the unexpectedness. I guess it usually happens like that.

    Sending you hugs and real ones soon,


  • Those moments.  They hit right in that spot that never truly heals- how could it.   I too thought how nice that he kept an outfit and yes perhaps one day one of Scott's cousins to be will wear it and all will think of him.


  • Definitely hard to do.....  Those moments are so hard to get others to understand too.  That's why I'm so thankful for share Your Story!!!



  • Our bodies seem to respond with the same amount of intensity to the emotions associated with the baby clothes. They are so small and precious. I hope that the baptism outfit will bring you a sense of that love you feel for Scott.

  • Those unexpected moments can sometimes be the most difficult. Thinking of you!