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  • Nicole,

    Well come on over! :)  We're having left overs for dinner... but no matter, the view and the weather is great.  :)  I'm so sorry all this has thrown you for such a loop.  I'm scratching my head what the teacher is talking about.. yeeesh he's 4!  Doesn't always raise his hand?  Yeah.. DUH, he's 4!  Sheesh I know adults who don't know when and when not to talk! ;)  And it's only midway through the year... doesn't he have the whole other half of the school year to grow?

    I think you are a beautiful mama to your C, and your Scott.  You know in your gut what is best for him, and that he's the kind of kiddo that when the time is right things fall into place.  You don't need to feel bullied by this teacher to do anything dfferent.

    Many hugs mama,


  • Thanks Lauren for you comment it made me feel calmer.  and don't tempt me about coming over you might find me on you door step especially since they are calling for an ice storm Sunday.  I'm just so emotionally drained right now...

  • Nicole

    I'm so sorry the conference with C's teacher went the way it did.  It sounds like she has some pretty unreasonable expectations for 4 year olds (especially for a first school experience) and isn't really appreciating that different kids have different personalities (thinking outside the box is an awesome trait in my opinion, but apparently not in his teacher's).  There are many months left until Kindergarten and at this point, just a few months into the school year, it seems crazy to recommend considering holding him back.  You are a great mom to C - kids should be kids and you have given him lots of good life experience to promote with fine motor skills, following tasks and social interaction.  I think its a preschool teacher's job to promote social interaction between the kids - if she's not doing that, its her issue, not C's.  From your description (with the disclaimer that I have no background in child development other than watching my own boys), it sounds like C's doing great.  If you have any doubts though, you could always ask for an evaluation by an occupational therapist, mostly just for your own peace of mind.  

    Thinking of you,


  • I'm really starting to think that the expectations for kids entering school are bordering on delusional. Someone told me the other day that kids who don't know how to read when they go to kindergarten are behind. What?! I have a really difficult time believing that developmental abilities have changed that much since I went to kindergarten ... evolution doesn't happen that fast!

    I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this BS. It sucks that we're at the mercy of public education because Montessori costs so much. I was a high school teacher for 12 years and left my job this summer because I couldn't take the nonsense any longer. The whole system is so frustrating.

    I highly recommend taking Lauren up on her offer :)



  • You're right---he's 4....  I think his teacher has expectations that are for older children.  If you're a teacher, you'd definately pick up on things that might be "off".  He'll be fine and if at the end of the year, you see things that are not on level for kindergarten then you can make the decision then.  Kids make a huge change from the beginning of the year to the end as you well know.



  • Nicole I am so sorry that this preschool teacher has made you doubt your son. From what I hear he is doing most of the things on the "Kindergarten" list we received shortly before Alexia started kindergarten. Those were all things they wanted her to work on or have mastered and C has already done those. Hello he's 4 years old! Keira knows all of her colors in Spanish but refuses to learn them in English or at least say them anyway. Which is funny since my husband doesn't know any spanish. But she's 4 (almost) and that's what four years olds do. She also doesn't like to clean up and has a hard time taking her turn as well.

    Just a thought, maybe this "teacher" is trying to guilt you into staying in the program next year as a way to improve their attendance. Just an idea. I think she's nuts though and your son is perfectly fine. Try not to let this upset you too much.



  • LOL I sent you an email.  Jadon was a young 4 too!  Many hugs as you navigate this and find what is best for your little one.  but follow you heart.  It will lead you in the right direction!


  • Nicole,

    I don't really have much wisdom to add, as the other ladies have done a great job! One she a new teacher?

    We've had issues in the past with teachers moving down from older grades down to younger grades, and having completely wacky expectations...this isn't from Tucker, this is from friends of mine who are teachers and who have had to keep other teachers on track. ;)  In a way I am thankful that Tucker is not expected to perform with the "typical" kids, they are expected to do so much!

    Huge hugs, I don't think you've missed anything mama, please don't let the guilt pile on.  Perhaps we'll all go to Lauren's for a break!!