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Scott's memory box

  • I randomly find myself going through Trinity's box.  Although  I know it makes me cry I know that I am hold all of HER things.  There isn't much but they are hers and when I go through them I feel closer to her.  Hugs to you dear friend!  


  • Beautiful post.

    Much love,


  • It took me two whole years to go through Arianna's memory box and I have only done it twice in almost 7 years. Each time I find things in there I didn't know existed, and it's almost like I get a new memory.

    I'm gad that you were able to be with Scott again, even if it was only for a moment. I'm glad you got to smell "his" smell again and hold his outfit, even if it is ugly. I hope that it brought you a little closer to Scott, even if just for a moment. Sending hugs.


  • I usually open Tristan and Gunnar's memory box on their birthdays. I didn't last two years because I was too sad about the divorce. I would like to now that you share your beautiful memories of Scott. Thank you for sharing them. I look forward to reading your next post with the quotes.



  • Thank you for sharing what is in Scott's box. I feel like I was right there while you were going through it. Sounds like there are tons of memories with all those special items in there. He does sound like a special little guy.

  • Most of the time those boxes come from other angel moms. It's our way of changing the journey one person at a time.  For the first 3 years of grief I did this twice a year.  As my life has gotten busier I've had less time.  What I typically did was purchase books from Stephanie Cole "Still".  I would get them from the publisher and they're cheaper that way.  Put a book plate (sticker) inside to remember Jacoby and then take the books to the local hospital.   This is how Marissa and I  became friends.   She reached out to Stephanie and then Stephanie reached out to the loss community.   I connected with Marissa (I was now in Virginia) she was in Indiana.  We became instant friends with an inexplicable connection.     Memory boxes are a gift to us that at the beginning we resent, we're empty, our arms are empty, the box is a reminder of what we don't have.  Then as time goes on we become thankful for what little we do have in that box.   My memory box was very small-  almost the size of a 4 inch bible.   I was angry that I had this tiny box, a tiny baby that had died and nothing else.  Now I have that box put away in a safe place.   It's precious to me.  I thought I might want to take it out this year and go thru it.  But I have not.   I am so glad you got to enjoy your box and that it gave you some special time with Scott!