Living my new normal


  • It doesn't make sense in life that no-goods like the ones living across the street have a child (and a healthy one at that) -- and then do something idiotic that endangers the child's health. I see this a lot too, and it breaks my heart.

    Many hugs.


  • Aw man, big hugs!!  It's hard enough day to day but when it's right in front of your face it's horrible.  I remember sitting in line waiting to pick up the girls' birth and death certificates and there was this lady there with her newborn baby boy talking about how she partied and got drunk every night she was pregnant with him and he turned out fine.  It took everything I had in me not to explode.  I hope they move or something so you don't have to see that.


  • I'm really sorry that you have to have the unfairness of the world rubbed in your face during your morning coffee. I too still struggle with these types of situations. I think losing your child makes you a whole lot more picky about who should and should not be a parent. It's hard not to be angry when we did everything right and everything went wrong. I'm also sending hugs and special eviction vibes.


  • It's so unfair. I'm sorry you have to watch this terrible parenting going on right in in front of your home.  I hope they move and learn how to be better parents to the baby.