Living my new normal

snow day!

  • Lol I just am a Florida girl and the othing I see in a backhoe is dirt.  I just laugh thinking of a backhoe showing up to clear my driveway so I can get out.  Glad he was able to come and help!    


  • Wow - very cool!!

    Love Elvis's pic there - so cute :)


  • I laughed reading this! C and Keira are soooo much alike. Only she takes on other persona's and requires that you call her by whatever name she chooses. Two weeks ago her name was Charlotte. She also likes to call me "Big Baby" in a low baritone voice and occasionally asks me if I need my diaper changed. It's really quite hilarious. :)

    I am so glad that you guys had a nice but not so relaxing snow day. We have had a lot but with 3 girls home and an unlimited supply of glitter and crafts my house is the opposite of clean. There are frosting stains on my carpet and glitter in my grout. They finally went back to school today so maybe there is hope for me. They have not went a full week without a delay of cancellation since before Christmas break!!

    I love the backhoe! My husbands work truck has a plow so we went and plowed come of our friends out and both of our driveways. We let the girls man the plow and they loved it! Glad C had a great time, his toy was way cooler than ours.


  • Jami  Keira and C would have a blast together!  All during C' s 3rd year of life he was Donald Duck and then Maverick from Top Gun.  He would actually correct people when we were out if they called him by his real name.  My house had a huge tent in it we built in the center of the family and half my dining room table was C's drum set he built.  the joys of being stuck inside...My husband has banned glitter from the house so we just find other ways to get super messy when crafting!